About Me

Just an online journal of a semi-normal 23 year old girl from Yorkshire who drinks too much, swears too much, smokes too much and wants to be half way across the world by September 2017. 

This blog will most likely be highly inappropriate at times, mostly boring and on the odd occasion quite funny. If you're interested in following me - a girl who has an unhealthy obsession with spending money whether it be on clothes, make up, beauty treatments, wine (and a lot of it at that) or cigarettes and has now made a decision that means I have to give up 90% of this (I want to be travelling South East Asia by September 2017) then read away. 

From right now I have 246 days until September 1st which is when I intend to take a one way flight out of here, 246 days to save as much money as I can, 246 days of not visiting the pub every single day at 17:30pm and 246 days of living my life totally different to well live life. 

Wish me luck and watch this space...